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MQTT + NI3100

I'm attempting to run the MQTT example program on an NI3100, am I dreaming if I think I can get it to run on an NI master?
I assume given it was released in 2022 that it is only going to compile and run on an X series master.

In the logs I get the following error:

Device Access: DeviceAccess.loadDrivers - failed to resolve dependencies for /bundle/AMX_MQTTClient_Comm_dr3_1_1



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    At some point AMX/Harman included parts of the Duet environment from the modules into the firmware of the controllers.

    You may try to update the NI to the latest firmware available for it v4.1.433. LLet me know if you need the firmware.

    But if this would not help, I assume the module uses classes that are not included in the NI series firmware.

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    JoeMorrisonJoeMorrison Posts: 3
    edited October 2023

    I've had a look around for that version of firmware, the latest I can find is v4.1.419 which is what is currently running on it, if I could have v4.1.433 to try that would be awesome.

    Although I'm not sure it will help as the only reason I wanted to run it on an NI3100 was to test before sending it to a DVX3155HD, which has firmware v4.8.331, I have just attempted to run it on that but appear to have gotten to about the same point.

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    Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Posts: 823
    edited October 2023

    Maybe a very little chance is to raise Duet mem, as the module may not have enough Duet Mem for operation.... but I had a look into the module's documentation, and with initial release in 2023, I'm pretty sure this will not to get run on any NI based controller....

    So you may have to use a NX controller (NX1200) to run the module, and e.g. doing M2M from the DVX to the NX, and pick the NX' Duet device into the DVX. So you can still run the original DVX code in the DVX, and communicate by the remote Duet Device with MQTT.

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    MQTT module will not run on an NI due to the need for SSL/TLS support.

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    Yeah well that would do it. Didn't even consider that. Oh well... Given it was only an attempt to reduce the amount of programming required to tie into Node-RED better, I've been using basic TCP connections to pass information between each for years. I shall continue that way.

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