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Please help with IP control


I'm pretty new with IP control. I try to control X7-IP thermostat. I didn't found any command list for this device so I try to use module from AMX but nothing works. I transfer TP5 provided to my touch panel, I open .APW file with NetLinx Studio. I build active system and transfert it to my controller. Naturally I modify the code before to specify my device settings (IP, Port,username,password). I can connect with IP address from a web browser so my device and my connection are ok.

I have three simple questions to start :

1- My touch panel port is : 11001:1:0. Am I ok if I give port 11001 as port property in the ONLINE section ?

2- On the touch panel provided by AMX, there is a field where is shown : "Connected to" with the name and IP address from the controller. Shouldn't I see name and IP from the thermostat ?

3- I use my iPad with TouchPanelControl as touch panel. Is it the problem ?

Many thanks!



  • Let's start with duet basics to understand if we have configured the module properties correctly. if you are using the demo program provided with the module, the virtual device for the module will be 41001. If you telnet/ssh into your AMX controller, and issue the command
    device status 41001:1

    What feedback channels do you observe?

    This module was written against hardware supplied by the manufacturer and I have helped in the deployment of multiple sites using this driver thus confidence is high that the driver is sound.

  • Chris,

    device status 41001:1 returns nothing

    OnLineTree tab shows under Dynamic/Virtual Devices : 32001 - NSX Application (v4.4.1.1915)

    device status 32001 returns :

    Device 32001 AMX LLC,NSX Application,v4.4.1.1915 contains 1 Ports.
    Port 1 - Channels:255 Levels:8
    MaxStringLen=64 Types=8 bit MaxCommandLen=64 Types=8 bit
    The following input channels are on:None
    The following output channels are on:None
    The following feedback channels are on:None
    Level 1=0 Supported data types=UByte,UInt
    Level 2=0 Supported data types=UByte,UInt
    Level 3=0 Supported data types=UByte,UInt
    Level 4=0 Supported data types=UByte,UInt
    Level 5=0 Supported data types=UByte,UInt
    Level 6=0 Supported data types=UByte,UInt
    Level 7=0 Supported data types=UByte,UInt
    Level 8=0 Supported data types=UByte,UInt

  • What is your AMX controller model number?
    What firmware revision is loaded to your controller?

  • Ad_My_XperienceAd_My_Xperience Posts: 62
    edited October 25

    00000 - NI-MASTER (v4.1.419)
    05001 - NI-3100 (v1.30.8)


  • Your hardware is not compatible with this driver. Your NI controller is not capable of TLS Ip communications and the hardware requires this method of communications.

  • Ad_My_XperienceAd_My_Xperience Posts: 62
    edited October 27

    Oups... Thanks for the info.

    If I understand, my project is stillborn.

    Unless someone agrees to provide me with the list of commands I could send with SEND_COMMAND. Would that work? Do you know what would be the most economical model with TSL/IP communication

  • Any NX based controller will support TLS... so the smallest might be the NX1200, which I would recommend. The MCP-106/108 are also NX based controller, but have no buffered memory and clock, which depending on the code or module used may not work as expected.

  • Thank you guys for helping!

  • Finally, Network thermostat is poor and the support service sucks. I bought an X7-ip and it is not even able to adequately detect humidity in my house and it will not start the dehumidifier.

    The company made me believe that they would work on my problem and offer me a solution but ultimately they let me down.

    I paid near 700 CAD and now I need to find another brand of thermostat capable of controlling my dehumidifier.

    Very disappointed. Be careful before purchasing this product.


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