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NI700 won't talk to me

Hi all,

I've just pulled my spare NI700 out for some testing, plugged it into a router (with nothing else connected apart from my laptop) and fired up NetLinx Studio. I found the controller and reset the IP settings to use DHCP. This, apparently, was successful. But, on rebooting the unit, it now does not appear anywhere.

The router says that there is nothing connected to this port, and even when I plug it into another router, via a managed switch, it is not seen. However, the managed switch does indicate that something is plugged in (but this switch doesn't reveal IP addresses). The lights on the network port of the NI700 light up, and the Link/Act light on the front also lights up.

So, I try to talk to it via the control port. Make sure that I'm using the correct speed and....nothing. Can't be contacted. This is using a known, working, serial cable and USB to serial adapter.

I would use the ID button, but have never had any success with that (and, yes I have tried it with zero success).

Any ideas anyone?




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    This for me sounds like the firmware crashed...

    The Link/Act LEDs afaik are controlled by the Ethernet chip, this mostly work even if fw got crashed. If the serial port (dipswitch checked for speed?) will also not react, then the NI has a serious problem...

    There may be a 50:50 chance to get it back to life with a new CF card, or at least copying a NI700/900 fw again. On the larger NIs (NI-2xxx and up) the CF can have a max. physical size of 4GB (never got it to work with >4GB), and the fw can be copied simply by Window, as it is FAT32. Unfortunately I don't have fw archives for NI700/900.

    Like said, it is a 50:50 chance, because if current bootloader and fw version on the new CF differ, it may not boot anyway.

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    Doesn't sound good - all I wanted to do was have a controller send a string to a piece of kit I'm testing!
    On the plus side, I've got a couple more controllers (NI3000 and NI3100) to use.

    Where is the CF card located? I took the case off and there wasn't much there. Then again, I never looked under the circuit board.

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    thinking about it, I must admit I'm not sure if the small NIs even had a CF... which may explain why I have no backup :) sorry

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