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Does anyone know if there is a channel notification for the Light & prox sensor - or does it just auto adjust brightness and wake , respectively?
I wanted to trigger the LED's a specific colour for a small period for the house alarm status, when someone is nearby

Anyone know?

Also, just incase anyone needs SIP. I've loaded the TP Control app onto a Varia 10.1 and the SIP works fine. It would be great if AMX techs could effectively do the same that the TPC App does and uses a Linphone package.

On the downside I don't seem to be able to get RTSP images to work on the Android App.

Word to the wise, if you are loading the App on for this reason. You need to give your Varia Panel an Device ID as well as your TPC App, so that you can activate the APP when it comes online

this is done by


If anyone has any ideas about the sensors, would be grateful for the info.





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    Hi @Duncan Ellis all good points and all things we';ve been working on for Varia.

    Light & prox sensor integration with NetlinX (and other personas like Web Kiosk) is being worked on. Will be available via FW update.

    We've got h.264 streams using RTSP on the panel in the AMX G5 Control persona and Web Kiosk, and also have customers who've loaded the VLC app for this because of its very "forgiving" method for showing video streams. We have seen some inconsistencies in performance in the AMX G5 app though... some timestamp issues and other bit rate issues. We are working on incorporating a new video library so that more video formats can be played on the panel.

    Regarding SIP, I've seen applications where the Linphone app is used and where the TPC app has been utilized. We are looking into native SIP integration on the panel, likely using Linphone. Stay tuned.

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    @HARMAN_Rob Thank you!

    I got RTSP working on the G5 Persona, I just couldn't get it working on TPC's android app. Frustrating, since everything else works as I would have wanted.

    Is there a timescale for SIP? We are primarily resi dealers and I'm having to use the older Modero panels rather than Varia.
    Also on RTSP images on the Varia, I also noticed that the image(and time stamp) stops randomly for a few seconds then starts again. This was coming from Hikvision Cameras.

    Thanks again


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