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Simple question: "Sleep Button" / Front Setup Button on AMX Modero NXD-700Vi - access over VNC?

This might be a simple question, but:

How do you virtually press/hold the Front Setup Button (Sleep Button) on AMX Modero (NXD-700Vi) when you are connected with RealVNC or UltraVNC? I tried holding in the left mouse button, Space bar, Enter key... nothing seemed to work.

(I assume the old G4 WebControl must have had a special UI button for this, but good luck getting that working on modern operating systems... )


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    what are you trying to accomplish? Do you want the panel to sleep or enter setup? The way I do this is to telnet (G4) or SSH (G5) into the device or use a send command from a netlinx processor to achieve the outcome.

    Via Netlinx Studio CONTROL A DEVICE
    Message Type COMMAND
    G5: command is SLEEP or SETUP
    G4: command is SLEEP! and SETUP!

    Via SSH - G5
    username amx
    password - the current password to enter settings (default is 1988)

    Via Telnet - G4
    password - the current password to enter settings (default is 1988)

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    I just wanted the device to enter setup, and was focusing on VNC at the moment.
    Manuals implied that this could be done over VNC but didn't seem to say how - that's all! :)

    The methods you listed via Netlinx Studio and Telnet worked fine, now that I've tried them...

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    Another easy way is to put a button in your project to go to the protected page.

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    gsembergsember Posts: 3
    edited November 2023

    I agree, though this is an AMX system I have come into management of, and the only source code backup I have at this time is the one stored on the AMX Master. I wouldn't want to make that sort of change without obtaining a copy of the source code's final revision from the original developer (in case the source code saved on the device isn't the latest). In fact, I'd probably hire them to make that change.

    I guess my question remains unanswered though - is there a way to activate the Front Setup Button (Sleep Button) over VNC?

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    The panel project requires no Netlinx code changes to add a button. No source code is involved. Revising the panel project to add an internal panel access button would take minutes, which would then appear in your VNC sessions for use.

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    Keep trying different keys I presume. What documentation did you read that suggested it was possible? I do this daily and was unaware that it may be a capability. I started button mashing and learned that F5 will put the panel to sleep. Progress! And no - a prolonged press of F5 does not achieve the setup screen.

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