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When I compile the jar package generated through eclipse using Nelinxstudio, I am prompted that the snapiro. jar package is missing. Who has this file? Could you please send a connection so I can download it!


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    you mean snapirouter.jar or snapirouter2.jar ?
    these files should be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\AMXShare\Duet\bundle

    If you check in Studio Help - About NetLinx Studio, what Cafe Duet Runtime Environment version is shown?

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    ychych Posts: 34

    ---------- Starting NetLinx Compile - Version[] [11-24-2023 10:01:32] ----------
    ERROR: (0): L20206: File [snapiro.jar] could not be found
    G:\java\KeDaMcuUpdate\KeDaupdate.axi - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
    Compiled Code takes 1245377 bytes of memory -- Token and Variable Count is 6353 (Maximum is 200000)
    NetLinx Compile Complete [11-24-2023 10:01:34]



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    ychych Posts: 34

    I have installed the latest software for Cafe Duet Runtime Environment on my computer, but I cannot find it in the application!

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    that seems to be a custom jar file. Jar Files will not automatically transferred to the controller if they are not part of a Duet driver.

    You may have to load it manually to the controller as a "non system file" (File Transfer -> Add -> Individual Files -> send Non-System File). If this will not solve it, unfortunately I don't have any more idea, sorry.

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    The manifest is corrupted - there is a line length rule that is being broken. The latest version of the plugin properly checks for this. https://proforums.harman.com/amx/discussion/138025/cafe-duet-plugin#latest

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    ychych Posts: 34

    Thank you for your guidance. I have installed the latest plugin and have resolved this issue. Thank you very much!

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