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How does AMX associate with java programs or how does java associate with amx programs

Hello, the attached Huawei box video conferencing terminal http api protocol pdf document is in English, please check it.

I submitted the form to the ITG department before, but there has been no reply to my email yet.
Because he was in a hurry, the customer pressed for completion. So at the same time, I am studying how to write java and call amx.

This screenshot and compressed package attachment were previously made by a colleague in Beijing who said Harman's ITG department helped, but unfortunately, the colleague deleted many functions and only left the basic functions.
I want to add or modify functions in Java, but I don’t know how to add them. What steps need to be taken to re-associate them with the AMX channel number? Is there any relevant help documentation?

The attachment also contains jar packages and netlinx programs. The main reason here is that I can't see the relationship between java and amx, and I don't understand the AMX knowledge in Java.

The question I am most confused about right now is taking screenshots as an example.
1. How is the Java function WEB CallNumberApi associated with the AMX caller API interface dialing, or where can I see this mapping relationship?
2. Java function parameters, how are the parameters in the calling method matched in AMX?


  • The function WEB_CallNumberAPI is most likely being called from either a SNAPI component handler or a custom command at handleData or handleCommand. Regardless both are invoked from NetLinx code through the virtual device.

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