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upgrade firmware for dx-tx 2k on dvx 3266 4K

i got an issue i tried to upgrade dx-tx & dx-rx 2K which are both connected to a dvx-3266 4k. however these two device can not show up on online tree. after a line of test i figure out dvx 3266 don‘t even share the network to them so that i can only telnet them from connect my pc to their icslan port. i also tried to build an virtual controller on my pc try to connect them to my pc but it dont work neither. by the way im sure the EHT mode is already be set to auto cause i got a dx-tx which can work.
do you guys have any suggestion for this issue?


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    The 2K and 4k30 TX and RX will not work in "Auto Setup".

    In default setup of DVX-4K, TX and RX, the units will get DHCP addresses from the ICSLAN range, and should come up in the dynamic virtual device range (32001 and up), then you can configure them to regular device numbers by Studio.

    Your TX and RX may be configured to a static IP address in another range than the ICSLAN (198.18.x.x), and may be configured to connect to a "public" master IP, not to the ICLAN master IP So I would recommend to do a factory reset on the TX/RX, to get them to DHCP and NDP mode, so they can connect to the DVX.

    As later on all control of the TX/RX (scaler settings, serial control, IR) is done by the device addresses, it should not be required to access the TX/RX by IP address. But there are options to get them to public network.

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