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AMX ENV-VST-C Thermostats (or replacements) needed.

I have an older system which is having issues with a couple of its AMX-ENV-VST-C Viewstat thermostats. The system is using the AXLINK buss to communicate with the NI-3100. Does anyone have any available, know where I may be able to find used devices or a suitable replacement? Thanks for any help and Merry Christmas/happy holidays.


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    There are no thermostats currently sold with AXlink connectivity within the product portfolio. You will not likely find a direct replacement outside of eBay (one just sold 2 weeks ago, so they are out there).

    The NI-3100 was discontinued roughly 10+yrs ago and was replaced by the NX-3200 that is still being sold. Under most conditions, it can run the programming that was used on the NI-3100 with little to no modification. For a project of this age, the challenge is often locating the computer programming source code for the project. If available, changing to modern IP thermostats would be possible -- assuming you upgrade the control processor to the NX-3200. Most devices will require secure IP communications and the NX-3200 is capable of all of your IP security requirements found in modern devices.

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