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Viewing CueServer Station on G5 Touch Panel


We have a CueServer that runs our lobby lighting and will be adding in some RGB fixtures soon. A coworker has built a custom interface in CueServer that has the controls necessary to change the lights. The custom interface can be viewed in a web browser by going to the CueServer's IP address followed by the station number. For example,

I was asked if it's possible to use the Browser Application in G5 touch panels to view this. I tried it but the station won't load, just get a blank page. I can see the CueServer's landing page by just typing in the IP address and I can also navigate to regular webpages, so I believe the browser application is working correctly. I can navigate to the station webpage in a browser on a PC, so I know the link is good. Is the G5 browser limited in some way and maybe can't process the page? Any help is appreciated.




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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    You'll get a more targeted reply if you share the nature of the page composition that isn't rendering rather than as the bottomless pit question "is there any limitation"... which even if it were possible to list comprehensively, might only anecdotally include the issue you have, if at all.

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    The G5 browser is either a flavor of Chrome or a browser named IceWeasel. If your webpage has modern dependencies, there is a good chance it will not load in a G5 browser considering the age of that tech vs the new Varia panel with web kiosk functionality. The manufacturer website is not descriptive in terms of minimum requirements to view the web studio page, but you may want to contact them for clarification - https://interactive-online.com/contact

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    HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230
    edited December 2023

    Modero touch panels will have limited suport for modern features, as it's an older version of Android & Chrome.

    However, AMX Varia touch panels should render this page with no issues... either (a) by launching a browser from the AMX G5 persona or (b) using the dedicated Web Kiosk.

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    dmtech247dmtech247 Posts: 10

    I believe the issue was with the CueServer station webpage needing to use Javascript but not supporting it to the extent the CueServer wanted. Thanks for all the suggestions. If we want to go down that road, we will look into the Varia panels.

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