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NI-3000/3100 and Cisco Codec EQ incompatibility issue?

Hello community! I want to share a story with you. My team had the task of upgrading the two conference rooms. We have two central points of the system, the Cisco EQ Codec that we have successfully connected to all peripheral devices (camera, audio-video inputs, etc.) and the entire system is controlled by the AMX NI-3000/3100 controller. The connection between the codec and the controller is serial (USB to RS232). User story is quite simple. The Cisco touchpad stands on the table, when the user wants to use the system for a presentation or conference, he just presses the screen and the whole system turns on (The projector goes down, the lights are dimmed, the microphones are turned on as well as the speakers, etc.). Pressing the standby button turns everything off. The programming file in the controller is programmed to match this scenario. But the point is that the codec and the controller do not communicate except for the initial request of the controller where it asks to log in to the codec. After receiving the message that it has been successfully logged in, codec no longer sends any impulses to the controller!
No matter what you press on the touchpad, nothing comes to the controller.

We have an identical setup in another room where everything is identical except for the cisco device. There we use CS-CODEC-PLUS-K9.

Does anyone have experience with this and maybe want to join us and try troubleshooting?

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