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Infobit iShare+ Multi View Switcher

Dear All,

has anyone integrated an INFOBIT iSHARE+ multi view switcher? If so, we need some help with the control protocol and how the matrix switching is done..

Below the related product link.




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    No experience, but by the protocol manual, I would say it's a simple text protocol...
    send_string dviShare,"'gbconfig --output-resolution 3840x2160P@60',13"

    Would say, this recalls layout # 0x100
    gblayout --set 0x100

    This may call layout 0x103 (I think this is expected as a 3-windows layout), assigning the inputs into the layout.
    Windows1 - hdmi1, window2 no video, window3 - input 2
    gbcontrol --set-layout-video 0x103 hdmi1 null hdmi2

    The "gblayout --start-video" and "gblayout --stop-video" may be unmute/mute the called output

    The "gblayout --set-sequence" may define the order of your window layouts, and the "gblayout --cycle" will cycle thru that window layout order.

    So I think this is a 4x1+1 switcher, as you can only define 1 global layout list that both outputs use.
    You only can cycle/call the windows layout for each output separately, but the assigned inputs into the layouts are the same for both outputs.

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