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Using DxLink in as an audio source, DVX 22/3266

I have a setup in a divisible room where I use the DxLink out of one DVX as an A/V input to another. However, when the "other" room selects the DxLink input as the audio source only, things don't always work right. What I mean is, I want only the audio from DxLink input 5 to be sourced, not both A & V.

I think the root issue is that I use a "'AI (input), 01'" command on that button press and it's selecting audio input 5 instead of the AV input 5.

I have that port (5002:5:0) defined as a device, but I just cant figure out the command I would want to call on the button press to send that port to the amp out?

Can I use the 5002:5:0 device in the (input) portion of the AI command? Or would it still look for Audio input 5 in that case rather than DxLink in 5? The reason I only want the audio in certain cases is that the space is set up with local video sources, but the ability to join the other side of the room with shared background audio. I hope this all makes some semblance of sense.


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    You send commands for switching inputs/outputs to the DVX switcher, not to a specific port. So:

    SEND_COMMAND 5002:1:0, 'CLAUDIOI5O1' should do want you want

    You use the specific portnumbers like 05002:5:0 if you want to adjust settings on that port (Analog MIC In 5) , let's say change the gain:

    SEND_COMMAND 5002:5:0,“’AUDMIC_GAIN-3’”

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