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Netlinx 3200 & Delta IconPro Integration

Hi. I am new here. I would like to try my luck here in this forum. I am a video wall tech support (not a programmer). And I would like to seek a pro's help. We have this existing command center, with video wall, audio, and satellite TV. We have replaced the video wall controller from Vistrol to Delta IconPro. The thing is, the programmer that is doing the integration, is not able to make the system work. Like the calling of presets/layouts from Delta IconPro. He tried both TCP/IP and Serial, both didn't work. There are no issue with the serial and TCP/IP, there is no issue with network restrictions as well. Because we have tried to call the layouts via Hyperterminal and it works for both serial and TCP/IP. So I am wondering what could be this problem that we are having. The previous video wall controller (Vistrol) worked well with AMX NX 3200. I hope you can help me with this.


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    HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    Welcome! There are a few things going on here. I will attempt to throw out a few notes to consider:
    1) The current control system programming is sending commands for the Vistrol.
    2) We assume the Vistrol uses a different protocol than the Delta IconPro.
    3) The AMX programming needs to be changed.
    4) To do so, you need the original source code -- do you have this?
    5) Your hyperterminal test is great - it confirms you know the commands that need to be sent to the device.

    The next phase of your journey will require source code for your system. AMX NetLinx is the language used to program the NX3200 controller. NetLinx is based on the C programming language and requires a software tool called NetLinx Studio. This program will open your source code files and show you in clear text the programming.

    AMX Technical support can assist from there in teaching you how to modify your code, or you can hire an independent AMX Programmer to do the job. A great place to find an independent is the AMX Valued Independent Partner program - https://www.amx.com/en-US/vips

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    rondatumrondatum Posts: 2

    Hi Chris! Thanks for the prompt reply.

    1. He already edited the system programming using API commands from Delta.
    2. Vistrol also uses TCP/IP.
    3. Do you mean program from scratch?
    4. By source code, you mean the existing one that is on the NX 3200? If yes, then the programmer already have it and he also edited it using Delta's API commands.

    We have no clue why he can't make it work. I don't think he is a certified AMX programmer, but he did an AMX integration for us before, also using NX3200. So, I think he is okay.

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