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Checking the status of an external device and illuminating the appropriate buttons on the MCP-108

I need help making the following function:
After the power returns, I want to check the status of the device, i.e. parameters such as:
image source, power status, sound source, sound level and turn on the appropriate LEDs on the MCP-108

I have prepared strings for sending queries about their status, I even managed to find these specific strings using find_string.
However, I have a problem with analyzing them because when I put them in the DATA_EVENT section, let's say, the next strings come and the values are overwritten.

In another method, I made it so that if the appropriate string was detected, I assigned the value 1 to the variable, but this caused a problem that the button remained highlighted all the time.

Attached is the code showing what I want to do.


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    I have not dug far into your code sample, but my first suggestion would be to remove button feedback from the button event itself. If your intent is something like a variable for room mode, then set a mode and then in a timeline, manage button feedback to reflect the mode. Consider using a DEFINE_MUTUALLY_EXCLUSIVE for your on and off buttons to manage the OFF state internally.

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