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How to connect to an AMX CP-3008 push button panel

As the title states.
I am aware you need to download the AMX DCS software to access its programming, however i do not know what the IP address is to connect to it.

I have tried 'listening' for it using Netlinx Studios but it wont pick it up.

Im sure it is something simple, but just wanted to get another set of eyes on this.



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    I have installed the DCS software some while ago, but have no CP3000 controlpad. Can't remember if I had so set special parameters for installation on Win11.

    It needs Bonjour, and the DCS software is designed for Win7, so you may have to install and/or launch it as administrator and in Win7 compatibility

    When DCS software is started, in menu Tools -> Bonjour Preferences, you may have to enable Bonjour

    I found the manual here:

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    I downloaded Bonjour and was able to use the AMX DCS software to successfully locate the device on the network. (I connected the panel directly to my laptop to do this.

    Although the software can find the device, it seems i cannot connect to it.
    While connected to my laptop i can ping the touch panel and access its web interface.

    I believe i am close to cracking this case if i am able to connect to it!

    Thanks for any assistance :)

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    richardhermanrichardherman Posts: 389

    Wasn't it the case that the software only worked properly with a 32 bit Windows version? I remember running into that issue years ago.

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