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AMX Enova 3250HD-T can't connect to Netlinx4

hi there AMX team,
I have problem with Enova 3250HD-T, I just get out from the box and trying to connect to the Netlinx4 using the USB port programming in front panel and the netlinx4 cannot recognise the usb port by using master connection by usb port, and when I try to connect to network IP by using default DHCP, by using listen, It's get no ip or device master, please advise is there any other way to connect the netlinx

thanks a lot


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    Is the DVX front display showing data, firmware etc when pushing "Status" and then using up or down keys? If you don't get a serial number, MAC address, IP is, the integrated master may not booting.

    What are the status LEDs doing?

    When connecting the DVX to your PC by USB, is your PC detecting the DVX in any way? It should come up as a USB Device, should create a COM port. If it does, you may try to connect by terminal program, 115200 baud.

    If nothing helps, then maybe the NetLinx CPU board (SOM) got loose or completely out of its socket from the transport. But to check and fix this, the almost complete DVX must be disassembled...

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