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I just wanted to everyone's opnion on this tool. I have not used in a project yet but my question is if I do us and find problems with the code - have you found it easy enough to troubleshoot it or has it been a pain.


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've only toyed with it. I think once you have familiarized yourself with where and how it places program elements, it can speed up the process on a new design - as long as it fits the built-in templates. However, I do believe code I've written from the ground up is more efficient and more flexible. This product was clearly designed for people with just enough programming experience to modify existing files, but find a full system too daunting. This broadens the marketability of the AMX product somewhat, but I don't believe it has any outstanding value for an able programmer.
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    frthomasfrthomas Posts: 176
    It is also a great way for newbie programmers to learn some tricks from the experts. I also only toyed with it...

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    In my mind the software is just for newbies programmer. It was very difficult to modify code that you don't wrote. If you want to control only IR devices you can use this tools. But if you want to control RS232 devices, you will encounter some difficulties because you can update the RS232/inconcert database.

    The begining ID is good but the software isn't so flexible as he have to do.

    Personnaly I prefer write the entire code myself. In most of case DXP generate a code whitch countain 4000 or 5000 line of code where you can program that in 1000.

    It's just my opinion

    Fabrice, ACE
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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    I agree with everyone above. I did use it for a rush job we had recently only because I am new enough to the AMX programming scene that I haven't completed a template (almost done with it). As long as you stick with the devices that are included, 232 works well. I encountered a minor problem because I had to use a plasma that was not included. I found that using a different plasma would be easy as long as the module for the new plasma uses the same API, unfortunately AMX didn't have a module for Fujitsu plasmas. I did write a module for the Fujitsu plasmas and changed the reference to the other module I picked to use the module I wrote and everything worked great.

    The other problem I had was I wanted to make a few minor changes to the functionality. Instead of using the macro feature the program allows, I wanted to make some of it automatic. This is where it becomes inefficient. The reason, atleast for me, is because you have to navigate large chunks of code that you are not familiar with. After you find the event or function you want to modify, you have to understand how the process is being done to determine how to make the changes you need.

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