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Pronto to IRL

does anyone know of a program to convert pronto files to irl?


  • frthomasfrthomas Posts: 176
    I don't, but I wish it existed as well. Copy pasting is tedious and error prone...
  • TimmaaTimmaa Posts: 9

    There is a program out there on the internet called IRedit
    A guy wrote the code and was selling it at on point but I think he was forced to stop selling. I paid 20 bucks for it 2 years ago.
    This program will convert amx to ******** and IR files for pronto and vis-versa. If you can't find it message me.
  • badamsbadams Posts: 21
    You can paste pronto hex codes directly into the lastest version of IRedit, I've done about a dozen remotes like this and works great.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 99
    Conversion program

    I've downloaded but not tried a program called 'Vert'. It supposedly converts between all forms of IR files. The website is www.remoteyou.com. Look under the Files tab.
  • TimmaaTimmaa Posts: 9

    It it true that you can drop in the Hex code directly, but you can not view the hex codes past that. Thats why I still use IREdit to go backwards to pronto when needed IE nothing gets hidden.
  • I've got some VB code that reads the AMX ir's and extracts the IR code - and vice-versa - not sure where I got it from, but message me if you want it...

  • Mentioned above program called IRPro by Tony Marona. Its was free (at least ) at Remotecentral. Converts Pronto-AMX-C$$$$$ in any way.
    I used it to get Pronto codes from AMX .ir files.

    If you need it I can post it here (Size about 3 MB).

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