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Combining TP's

Rich AbelRich Abel Junior MemberPosts: 104
Must combined devices be exactly the same, or can one be a subset of the other?

Example: I'm working on a project where several TPI4's are used. For troubleshooting I'd like to host a single page on the master drawn from the TPI4's in html form. (G4 CC is not an option in this situaiton).

Can the WebTP be combined with the TPI4's?


Rich Abel
Cello Technologies


  • champchamp Junior Member Posts: 261
    Yes you can combine different devices.
    You could for example combine an msp 8 wallpanel with a touchpanel.

    Remember that a web panel only has 255 buttons so don't use buttons above that on the G4 panels if you want to duplicate functionality for all panels.

    The system will be updating feedback for buttons which do not exist on all panels but this is not a problem.
  • Rich AbelRich Abel Junior Member Posts: 104
    combining TPs

    Thanks very much!
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