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AMX Online WEBEX Training???

Has anyone heard if AMX is going to continue this venture?

There hasnt been anything new listed in quite some time.

There is also nothing scheduled past the EOM.

It would be nice to see some advanced training techniques
and other useful knowledge demonstrated, especially for those
who dont have the luxury of frequent travel for training.

Just my ??


  • HedbergHedberg Posts: 671
    I agree with you entirely -- it would be very nice to have some advanced topocs classes.
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    I also agree that online training could use an update. On the training home page ?Introduction to Networks for AV Professionals? is listed as ?NEW?, however, I took that class 2 years ago.
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,906
    I also agree. It would be nice to have an advanced touch panel class. From what I've heard, the problem is that the class is offered, though not often becuase it's not that popular. I could see it being very difficult to send an employee (or yourself) to a two day course on touch panels. Advanced programming topics online would also be quite nice.

    I would assume that the web training is very cost effective for everyone all around.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've missed several live courses I would have loved to attend because they were scheduled only once in the year, and it was a bad time for me. I suspect the corporate buyoput has things in an intermediate state. But one thing for sure: AMX products are worthless without proper training; flexibility and availability are hugely on the side of added sales.
    pre-recorded training references

    Many manufacturers are even creating pre-recorded sessions for correct
    usage of protocols etc, and having them available for download on their
    web sites to certified programmers.

    This would be a great reference demonstrating proper usage of keywords and other programming commands, with examples.

    Sometimes, just reading the help files doesn't exactly explain things in the most understandable ways.

    Having this type of information available would probably save them $$$ in the long run, due to less technical support phone calls.

    Good training is a win-win situation.....when it's available.
  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    The webex training was really great for us people out of town who can not make it to an AMX training course 'in house'. I'd love to see more courses available to us via webex.
  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    I remember a thread awhile back that asked about G3 panel programming, I would like to see a webex course that involves how to program G4/G3 panels rather than just how to us TP4 design. The use of different commands and such. The in/outs and different methods to obtain the same end result.
  • The webex training was really great for us people out of town who can not make it to an AMX training course 'in house'. I'd love to see more courses available to us via webex.

    Heck, even being 45 minutes from an AMX office doesn't make it easy to attend the in-house courses. Many dealers and programmers don't have the contiguous time available to attend, whereas being able to view the webex when you are free makes it much more practical and easier gain the advanced training.

    I agree with Tracy, the extra training available to dealers would help AMX to increase sales and reduce tech support calls. All that, and the Webex infrastructure is already in place -- it just needs to be used!

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