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TPDesign4 Channel Assignment

I am not sure how feasible this would be, but is there any chance of adding some tools to make it easier to assign channel codes to buttons. I am aware of the F8 assigning, but I am thinking of the ability to drag and drop Constants from a Netlinx file. Or even the ability to assign channel codes using the SNAPI constant names. So, instead of assigning channel 45, I could start typing ME and then choose MENU_UP from the list. The reason I ask about this is to make it easier for a touchpanel designer (or even a programmer grunt) to setup a touchpanel file completely and with a little more accuracy.

Just a thought,


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Along the same line, how about if Studio's auto-complete recognized CONSTANTs and variables from include files ...
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    GasHedGasHed Posts: 31
    Include Files

    Yes Dave! I second that request. I'd like to use includes to make my code more modular, but currently don't because the fact it doesn't recognize variable and function names is super inconvenient.

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