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Issues with Kenwood DT-7000 Sirius tuner

I know a few of you have worked with these. I have been having a problem with a recent installation, and I am hoping for some insight.

I have an RS-232 module that is working with this tuner. When it's working, it works great. However, for reasons I absolutely can't seem to pin down, every so often the tuner becomes extremely sluggish in it's responses. I can send a command out, and it may be 30 seconds or more before it responds. Since some of the response data is query dependent (in other words, it doesn't identify what the data actually is, you have to know what you asked for), it is necessary to wait for a response before sending out a new query. I have a timeout, but even so, when it gets in that sluggish mode, it winds up stacking my commands in queue to an unacceptable degree. I have found that anything less than a 5 second timeout results in corrupt data - and 5 seconds is way too long if there is a queue. The thing is this can work perfectly for days, until getting into its sluggish mode, and once it does, only a power reset on the tuner will restore it.

Any thoughts from those who have worked with it?
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