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Virtual Panels, TP3 Gen Channels, What will work?

rolorolo Junior MemberPosts: 51
I have a system with 4 panels and an AXR-IRSM+

These devices are in a device array - dvALLTP.

Most of this condominium operates from panels, but in the rear bedrooms, for monetary reasons, I am using color prontos, which use AMX IR codes and IR receivers in the rooms in their Russound keypads to pass the IR to the AXR-IRSM+ to get the control back from the russound to AMX. The russound does not send a serial string when the keypad transport buttons are pressed, so this convoluted method is necessary to get the input to amx from the keypads.

The question I have is this

The AXR-IRSM+ can only use 255 channels like the G3 Panels.

Due to my lack o' planning I am using channels in the 1500 range to control some cable boxes that are distributed via the russound.

Could I do which of the following:


Use sub 255 channels to DO_PUSH 1500 on the AXR-IRSM+? That is to say are there virtual channels that I can use or will this be rejected because the AXR-IRSM+ only has 255 channels?


Create an additional Virtual Panel, add it to the array, then do_Push channels 1500+ on the virtual panel, with sub 255 channels on the AXR-IRSM+

I dont want to do_push on real panels because this would screw up my feedback on my panels and the 1500 series buttons operate a cable box (4 of them) depending on which room is selected on the panel, which doesnt occur on the AXR-IRSM+.




  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated Programmer Posts: 1,917
    Why not just add the AXD_IRSM+ device to the existing events?

    For Example:

    Do something....
  • rolorolo Junior Member Posts: 51
    Because the code is already doing math/room tracking based on the other button numbers...I know...should have thought of this ahead of time...


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