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What maximum quantity IP of devices may control NI-700?

Prompt please who knows.
What maximum quantity IP of devices may control NI-700?


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    The Netlinx Master allows 200 IP connections at the same time.
    This includes also Studio, Modero panels.
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    YuriyYuriy Posts: 20
    Thank you!
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    travistravis Posts: 180
    Is this still the case on newer masters? I just tried 199 TCP client modules, and they connect, but they don't send text t o the server. Any way to change the limit? I have memory left and CPU left.

    I could very carefully orchestrate which modules are online at one time, but that will be a lot of extra work and it seems like opening and closing connections uses a non-trivial amount of CPU.
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    If you stagger the connection openings, you can hold more devices online at the same time. I have safely held 60 non-chatty devices open at the same time from an NI-700.
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