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XM Radio stations

mpullinmpullin Obvious Troll Account, Marked for DeletionPosts: 949
Anyone know where I can find icons for all XM Radio stations in JPG or PNG? (xmradio.com has gifs) Thanks in advance.


  • jjamesjjames Just another dude Posts: 2,905
    I've got them in PNG. I can't upload them here because the ZIP file is too large and it keeps timing out.
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior Member Posts: 2,159
    Here are some XM Radio station (004-247) PNGs at 90x60.
  • mpullinmpullin Obvious Troll Account, Marked for Deletion Posts: 949

    The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters. :-|
  • gary_cumminsgary_cummins Junior Member Posts: 52
    I think my last post had something about guifx.com in it as well, and I swear...I am not selling their product. :-)

    Try this freebie from them though. It has great flexibility. It does gloss black, gloss white, or just flat pictures with a chosen background color. It really is handy.

  • jjamesjjames Just another dude Posts: 2,905
    Quick question for all:

    If I were to post them in a ZIP file that was split, and you needed an 3rd party program (free) to put the split files back together, would you have a problem with that?

    I have them in very high quality & very large sizes so they can be re-sized to fit any button size. They also have trasnparent backgrounds.
  • jjamesjjames Just another dude Posts: 2,905
    Since nobody has objected - here they are. I had to rename the files to XM_LOGOS_LARGE00(x).ZIP so that I can upload them. Once you've downloaded all of the files - rename them to XM_LOGOS_LARGE.ZIP.00(x) - (x) is replaced by the number. They'll need to be put back together with a program called HJSplit. You can download it (free) here:


    Most - if not all - of the images are at least 800x600 and have transparent backgrounds. All are very high quality.

  • jjamesjjames Just another dude Posts: 2,905
    The rest . . .
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