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TPDesign4 2.3 Bug

I am having a problem with TPDesign4 2.3 and a NXD-CV12 firmware v2.42.64. Now, after 2 or 3 downloads, all panel buttons, pop-up launching, etc get really slow and I have to fully reboot the panel to get things working the way they should. Before on TPDesign4 2.2, I didn't have this problem. This might affect any remote panel updates. The download to panel will work but things will be slow until you fully reboot the panel. Anybody experiencing the same?


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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    I am experiencing the same problem with an NXT-CV15. When I talked to tech support about it, I was told that it is most likely being caused by a memory leak related to internal audio. The solution was to temporarily disable all internal audio (including button hit and miss). It seemed to fix things for me, but I haven't done extensive testing to determine if the external audio causes problems. I was told that the leak is only related to the internal audio, so I am hoping that to be the case since this touchpanel is for a demo home and a major function of the panel is playing a brief DVD.

    Let me know if this helps your problems or if you find another cause.

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    Hi guys,
    I would be willing to put money on the fact that the slow-down is related to the AUDIO being enabled internally. We discovered and reported this issue in June.
    I have been able to replicate the problem repeatedly across the 12/15/17" Modero range (same firmware).
    Disabling the internal audio resolves the problem.

    We were able to connect a serial cable to the Modero's MCB debug port to monitor the problem, and the following error messages were being reported:

    Out of Memory: Killed process 280 (vtg).
    Out of Memory: Killed process 281 (vtg).
    Out of Memory: Killed process 282 (vtg).

    A fix is being worked on...
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    Will this memory leak cause the panel finally hanged? I have a customer reported that a CV17 hanged after a period of time and cannot find out reason.

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    kkettreykkettrey Posts: 13
    I had a similar problem as well with a CV15.

    I had the user disable the "default sounds", and they haven't had an issue since then (It has now been 7+ weeks since then).
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