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Hello everyone
Here is a question about MM. I know that you can use it to monitor all the different devices in a system and check to make sure they are still responding to the master. My question is, can the sample rate be changed? The reason is that some projectors will not respond during the 'warm up' period and they might show up as 'offline' or 'not comm' with MM; which would or could trigger a false alarm.


  • Set the device communication timeout

    Yes, there are two ways, use RMS CodeCrafter and within the Edit Monitored Device wizard, you can change the value or using NetLinx code, use the Send_Command to the device module 'COMM TO-[DPS],[Timeout]'.
  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Thanks Doug. I thought that it could be done but was not sure where or how. Some projectors have issues if they are being addressed during certain times, ie: warm-up/cool-down. and I wanted to be able to put a block of code in to tell the MM not to talk to the device if it is 'busy'.
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