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IR Database needs updating!

Does anyone know when there will be an update to the AMX IR database? It hasn't been updated since December, and programming jobs now either requires the original remote and the IRIS, or hunting down a similar model and hoping the manufacturer didn't change too much in the way of IR codes. I'm currently looking for a Sony 5-disc DVD changer file that MIGHT work with the new one onsite.


  • kkettreykkettrey Posts: 13
    Don't forget you can search AMX "InConcert" for IR files that may have been capture recently by AMX or are not included in the AMX IR Database.

    Good luck!
  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Hi Joe
    This was one of the issuses discussed in the IRIS campaign tread awhile back. Several others had mentioned the exact same thing. (Read it over if you have a chance.) This is why there was a request/proposal put forward to AMX to have an user IR database started. I know that is not much good for you right now but if you do have or get the IR code for the device please post it in the user IR database for others. It would be nice if the manufactures would place this code on their websites but I do think that will be happening this century.
  • Don't forget to tell Joe that he has to be ACE certified to access that IR database. Jumping through hoops, and all that...
  • Have you tried the Hex code conversion in the IREdit program? Most Hex codes for gear can be found on the web.
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