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christie projector channel issues

hello all I am in the middle of programming a show and have to program for a christie projector.

Now all the normal funtionality works fine .. but
the Christie uses what it calls channels to hold lens position sizing ect.

I can move the input fine but I cant seem to recall the channels correctly.

all it does when i try to recall a channel is change the input and create a new channel file.

any ideas any help greatly appeaciated quite under the gun here



  • toddttoddt Junior Member Posts: 28
    Are the channels that you have set up displayed in the Channel Set-Up Menu. If so then the code that you are sending is just switching the input only and not the Channel. When you switch the input it will go into a new channel set-up.

    The 232 manual says to use the 'CHA ##' command and that the 'SRC ##' is the same as the CHA. Those should work, however if they don't you can also use direct keypad command for the remote. You would use 'KEY ###'. The ### is the number associated with that key. It is shown in the 232 manual. That is the push number. You have to do a release command and it is normally the push ### + 128. So for lets say 'KEY 44', the release command is 'KEY 172'.

    Hope this can help.
  • GOT IT! and FYI to all

    It turns out that Christie has a minor glitch in their documentation

    you must have a three figure number after the channel command

    so ascii send would look like this (CHA001) *this would change the channel to 1*

    (CHA025) *this would change the channel to 25 etc*

    in the manual it does not make it clear it states (CHA1) or (CHA01) should work and it obviously doesn't

    hope this helps others

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