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IportIWSeries Sonance Duet Module Bugs

I saw the Duet module for the I-Port released in the Inconcert Web Site and decided to test to see if it is better than the non-duet module. I am using the I-Port IW-5, NI-4000, Ipod 4Gig Nano and CV12. Here is my findings while using the Duet Module without any modifications and running stand alone in the NI:

- Sees only 175 songs out of 725. I don't know why. When I use the non-duet module, it sees all 725 songs.
- When I select SONGS, sometimes it displayed the full list, and then when I return to the main level menu and pick SONGS again, it would show only 1 song.
- The TRACK TIME doesn't work, never changes from 00:00:00 when a song is playing.
- Sometimes the GENRES would display just one option like ROCK out 12.
- The NI output red light is always active.
- Sometimes the NOW PLAYING was displaying the wrong info as well.

I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but when I use the non-duet module it works much better without the above bugs. Can anybody else confirm these findings. Thanks,



  • dhoehnendhoehnen Junior Member Posts: 1
    I have only tried things very briefly. I found that the standard module seemed to work fine. But, I was unable to get it working at all using Visual Architect with the JAR module. The VA version built and transferred fine, but touch panel button presses did nothing.

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