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Always scrounging....

We've taken over an old job installed by another company, and so I pulled an Axcent 2 out to install an NI. I was eyeballing the back of the Axcent, and thought the IR ports would be well used at my place (the piece is being junked otherwise) in addition to all the other B and C stock I have ;)

My question is, would it be a big deal (or even possible) to integrate the Axcent 2 into my Netlinx system? Would it be possible to address the ports and control them as part of my setup, without doing any programming of the 2? Would I have to program the Axcent 2, and then connect my NI-3000 to a serial port? Would it even be worth it?

So many questions for a Sunday morning.

Jeff Lockyear
Synergy Home Systems


  • toddttoddt Posts: 28
    Yes you can, the Axcent 2 can be setup as a slave to the master of the NI master. Now don't ask me how as I have never done it, but I do know that you can do it. :o)
  • shr00m-dewshr00m-dew Posts: 394
    I thought the slave mode was an addition on the Axcent3 and not available on the Axcent2??

    Kevin D.
  • toddttoddt Posts: 28
    hmmm, you might be right. Axcent 2 - Axcent 3, I got confused.
  • Axcent 2

    The master in a Axcent 2 can't be defeated as you can in an Axcent 3.

  • Talk to Patrick Killianey in the AMX office in Costa Mesa, CA. I had lunch with him the other day, and he mentioned he'd picked up an Axcent2 on Ebay and was hoping for the slave functionality (which is NOT standard on the Axcent2) but he wrote something that makes it work like a slave. Don't know more details...

  • I did some similar at my homesystem with an NXI-ME and an (good old) AXcent1. I did a serial connection between a COM port of the NXI and a COM port of the Ax1, and now I'm emulating PUSHes/RELEASEs etc by the "external control protocol" from the NXI to the AX1. Works fine.
  • Hey, thanks a lot guys. I suspect I'll end up programming the Axcent 2 as a separate entity and doing serial communication. It just seems a waste to garbage it....

    Jeff Lockyear
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