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******** vs. amx



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    GSLogic wrote:
    I think AMX needs to go after the residental market more. In time to come this will be the biggest income.

    That is exactly what I have been doing, once you have a few large resi jobs under the belt word of mouth does the rest.
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    JillJill Posts: 44
    I've seen local companies start using Crest over AMX just because the Crest sales rep was very aggressive and they have the ability to spend more money on dinners and t-shirts.

    I agree that their sales reps and managers are very aggressive. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that they tell new clients just to make a sale.(as a consultant I hear it all) I've had clients who were convinced that AMX was still using its DOS based system to program. It would be nice if AMX would play a little hard ball with these guys. No hitting or biting but a little more marketing and some flash. :):)
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    JohnMichnrJohnMichnr Posts: 279
    being fully certifiable both both companies, and a dealer for both, I agree that you can make either system do anythy you want it to do. Hardware wise both seem to have the same amount of equipment D.O.A or failing early on in the product life so no difference there. We used to do about 50/50 C to AMX. Now we seem to do about 30/70 C/A depending on which customers we are working with at any point in time. We always pick the product that makes the most sense for the customers at that point in time.

    For me I know that when I am in the middle of a big AMX project, I always wish it was C. When I am in the middle of a big C project, I wish it was AMX. What can you do - the grass is always greener.

    The C companies reps have been extremly agressive in this area, offering buy 1 get 2 free systems to Colleges, buying back older AMX systems, etc. Trying to convert entire campusses over to the dark side. Also just had the local rep convince a customer that they did not need to hire us to program the new 15 rooms they were putting in, C would train the customer to program it themselves. Customer did not sign a install agrement after that... the best part was that the customer met the C rep in our office during a post infocom show. I always thought you dance with the one that brung ya'
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