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Smarter Duet uploads

I've been fighting all week with a remote system (200 miles or so away) that has something of a flaky Internet connection. I can VNC to the panels, and connect to the master with Studio, so I have full remote troubleshooting. My problem is that even if I make a tiny change, Studio insists on uploading all the .jar files for Duet, even though htey clearly haven't been altered. All it needs to send on a code change is the master .tkn and .src files. So, if for any reason, the uplaod gets interupted, I have to attempt the whole thing all over again. It just happened to me ten times in a row, getting 60-80% of the way, then failing. If it was only sending the files actually changed, those uploads would have been successful. Now I'm looking at a 4 hour minimum round-trip drive for a tiny program change, and it's extremely frustrating.


  • pauldpauld Posts: 106
    I agree, having smarter uploads would help a great deal, as more and more of my projects start to fall into the: service-via-internet category.

  • dchristodchristo Posts: 177
    I haven't tried it, but is it possible to rename your .tkn file to "prog.tkn" and ftp it to the master? Or does the prog.tkn exist in a directory that's not accessible to ftp?

  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    No, the FTP client doesn't provide root access.
  • alexanboalexanbo Posts: 282
    Can you use the Send\Other method to just send the .tkn file to the master?

    Or will that break the java stuff?

    I haven't tried that with a Duet Master but use it frequently to make changes to programs, send the .tkn file to an installer for him to upload where the Master may not have internet connectivity.
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