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Who is able to use Duet in the US?
Are the restrictions the same as the rest of the world?
Here in Australia I'm unable to use Duet because I'm not a dealer!
I've been full time programming for 10 years and find it strange that
AMX would limit themselves, by limiting people who are dedicated to
their product and want to write code to the product's maxmium potential.



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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    You can use Duet modules without the Cafe Duet software, you just can't write your own. Since Netlinx master code itself doesn't support Duet yet, this is a small limitation. I'm an AMX dealer, and have not purchased Cafe Duet yet, because I simply have not seen any real need. There are a sufficient number of Duet modules to download and use, and for those times I need to write my own module, regular Netlinx suffices. I believe this was how AMX invisioned this to work for most programmers in any case; the manufacturer, or AMX, would develop and supply the Duet modules, and we plug them in.
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