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Cool, a Chat Button :)

I like the addition of the chat button. That will be pretty useful if someone is in the middle of trying to get something to work. There are a few threads here where you can see exchanges posted back and forth every few minutes. Plus there's a more polite/social feel to the chat sometimes since you can say one liners like "hello", and "how are you" which are appropriate in person, or by phone, but less appropriate in a forum post.

Cool addition!


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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    I like the chat for general chatting and even quick questions, but I think that for troubleshooting, posts will still be the prefered method. When you use the chat, you are pretty much limited to those people online at the time and the biggest loss to the community is that anything figured out in the chat rooms is lost unless one of the participants posts the problem and solution in the forums. (It may even get to the point that people get frustrated always hearing the same questions constantly being asked instead of someone searching the forums... something I have seen in the past)

    But I do like the ability to chat in realtime about personal opinions, general happenings, and basically wasting time :) The instant gratification is very nice.

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