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Volume control from wireless TP?s

I have no ideas how you are controlling the volume up/down but I have realized something. (unless you are controlling the volume push by push or with preset levels but I guess this is a little ?.)

If for some reason your client is using the TP with the battery very low and wants to control volume up the TP may go OFF but (only for RF TP MVP-8400, MVP-7500, VPN-CP) the system have received an BUTTON_EVENT with PUSH .In this case TP is off (battery empty) the system is still under PUSH (volume raising) and will stay in this push until an OFFLINE event from system will be reported (the RELEASE: for button).

The problem is that the offline event will be reported after some seconds => volume will go up this time => somebody my get afraid to use again that TP

As a test you can do this.
Hold the volume up while you are tacking the battery out of TP. Or try to go out of range.

Please let me know you think about this.


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    jeffacojeffaco Posts: 121
    Ayup, this is an issue. I've come across this before.

    I generally limit the amount that the volume can be raised on my system. That way, I won't have a TOTALLY runaway volume that ramps to maximum. Rarely do users make such a massive jump all at once, so that seems to suit me well.

    Occationally, you may also have a missed release event (although that's rare, it does happen). In this case, it's an issue as well. When this happens, I generally hit volume down (if I catch it before my timeout hits), which resolves the issue (since the pulse out of the I/R port is cleared).

    Realistically, moving out of range hasn't been a problem with me. I make sure to have enough receivers about such that communications is reliable and fast.

    Perhaps, if you have a range problem, you should deploy more hardware (Wave Servers, or AMX Access Points). After all, we all want AMX to have a better bottom line, right? ;-)
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    bogdanbogdan Posts: 42
    The same way I deal with volume up but some clients don?t like this ,but hey there are advantage and disadvantage.

    I agree with ?AMX to have a better bottom line, right? ;-)? and I guess we all like to code AMX.

    Good look guys and keep up the good work
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