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Testing PictureFrame.....

J.Y.J.Y. Junior MemberPosts: 34
Hello everybody,

I'm testing PictureFrame in demo version.
I do everything follow the Technote.
It seems like my pc served as dynamo server
I can see picture in TPD4 , but I can't see anything at MVP7500
That's too strange.

****Firmware version 2.43.21 on the MVP does not work with version 1.0 Picture Frame if you update the panel firmware you must update the Picture Frame software.

In TPD4: Create a new project or add a general button to an existing project.
Under program select Channel port and set to 1, and Channel code and set to 1.
Go-to resource manager, select the dynamic images tab, push new at the top, left of the window. The following needs to be added to the box that will show up.
Name = make one up
Protocol = HTTP
Host IP = IP address: 130 of the computer running the PictureFrame software
File = name of file (makeup) .htm (no spaces in the file name)
Under states select bitmap and connect to the frame we created in the resource manager.
Load panel file.
Open PictureFrame software.
Make sure the port is set to 130 (Needs to match instruction 3 line c).
Select an album and add a check to the Default box, and then press the Start button.
Server Status light should go to a green color and then minimize.
Would recommend that the client place a shortcut in his startup menu.
Extras:PANEL LINKS allow the user to connect an ALBUM to a specific panel. Albums are created under ALBUM, just add / fill in the name and the refresh rate.
All PANEL LINKS are added by choosing PANEL LINKS. Add / fill in device and code only (one button per panel). For multiple buttons on one panel, you must add the system number and the channel code.
In TPD4, go to the panel Resource Manager, select the link we created earlier in step 3, and add the following to the filename.htm, &device=10128&system=7111, for multiple buttons on one panel, add &port=1&code=1.
Which ever album is selected as Default will be the album that shows up when the Panel Link is disabled. Right mouse click to enable link and that ALBUM will show up on the panel.


  • Could be a firewall setting on your PC.
  • J.Y.J.Y. Junior Member Posts: 34
    Thanks a lot....
    After close my pc's firewall
    It works well
    Say thank to u again ^0^
  • pdabrowskipdabrowski Aussie Guy Posts: 184
    once you do know it's the firewall, switch it back on and then create an exception for the IP address of the TP and possibly Master.

    there is no need to leave your PC open to the rest of the world!
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