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No border special in TPD3

Does anybody know what "no border special" is for in TPD3? I can't seem to locate any sort of info about the difference with the regular "no border"...




  • kkettreykkettrey Posts: 13
    I would assume that this is for backward compatibiliy when opening "pre G3" touch panel files. On such old legacy panels, using "No Border" would make the border and background of the button dissapear. "No Border Special" only made the border dissapear.

    Here is the descriptoin from the TPDesign 1.x help file.

    Border: No Border Special
    Provide a visible button which has no border.

    Border: No Border
    Creates an invisible button which will act as a "hotspot" on the touch panel screen. Text can be inserted into the button face and the text will appear on the touch panel screen.
  • frthomasfrthomas Posts: 176

    Thanks for the answer. If I understand correctly, for new G3 panels, this makes no difference, right?


  • kkettreykkettrey Posts: 13
    Yes, you are correct. You do not need this in the G3 world since you have more flexibility with colors and borders.
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