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Java Software but no module

Hello all,

First of all: I'm quite new to this forum and I hope this is the right topic to post my thread. Sorry if not.

My problem is following:

I have developed some simple duet modules and I think I got the big picture. Developing new modules will not be the problem.

But: What about writing software which should run with a NetLinx controller and a modero touchpanel, which has nothing to do with a device? Let's say I want to develop a mail client, a game like snake or something else?

Has anyone a tutorial or a short walkthrough how to write general java software for AMX products or even better deploying existing software to AMX?

Will it be possible to rewrite the GUI part in a 3-tier architected software and this will work on a modero touchpanel?

Has anyone any experience with this?

Every comment will be apreciated! Thanks in advance!

Best Regards
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