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VideoConferencer phonebook operations

Has anyone managed to get the phonebook operations in the VideoConferencer working?

In NetLinx when I

Cafe Duet triggers
public String searchDB(PhoneBookSearchRequest sr)
However, sr.getSearchText() returns an empty String

I 'think' the order to get phonebook entries is to 'searchDB()' then a series of 'queryDB()' to get result snippets, and then finally 'closeSearchDB()'. However I'm not finding any real documentation on these order of steps or how they interact with eachother. Has anyone gotten this phonebook search to work.


  • This was caused by a typo in the command. The command should be

    However this has brought up another issue. I have been able to retrieve the search pattern(ID=*) but I am unable to grab the search handle (local).

    The following method is what handles the command
    public String searchDB(PhonebookSearchRequest sr) { }

    and PhonebookSearchRequest only has two useful methods
    sr.getSearchText() which returns the '*' which is the search phrase
    sr.getSearchElement().getName() which tells me that I performed an INDEX search

    However I do not see any method to retrieve the "local", which is required in the response back to NETLINX
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