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Updating axt-cv10 VIDEO firmware

I have updated a few axt-cv10 panels with the latest firmware, version 5.01jV , the video setup page displays video firmware v1.01. How do i update the video firmware to the latest version? (in software history it says the latest video firmware is 2.04)



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    It depends on the serial number of the panel.

    In early 2000, AMX has redesigned the hardware of the 10" panels.

    The 1st-generation 10" panels have the FG numbers:
    FG950-xxxx (AXT-CA10)
    FG950-10-xxxx (AXT-CV10)
    FG950-20-xxxx (AXT-CG10)
    FG951-xx-xxxx (AXU/AXM-Cx10)
    Firmware v5.01j is the latest version, including video version 1.x

    The redesigned panels with a new video hardware have the following numbers:
    FG950-30-xxxx (AXT-CA10)
    FG950-40-xxxx (AXT-CV10)
    FG950-60-xxxx (AXT-CG10)
    FG952-xx-xxxx (AXD/AXM-Cx10)
    or the new serial number style like 95040x2440815
    For these panels, the latest firmware is v5.12, and video 2.04
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