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Did anyone see anything new and exciting or worth mentioning at infoComm this year that they?d like to share with those of us unable to breakaway and attend?


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    dchristodchristo Posts: 177
    Panasonic's 103" plasma was nice... ;-)

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    InfoComm 2006

    The only notable areas of improvement were digital signage and content creation software, as well as digitsl recording/streaming hardware.

    I was dissappointed in the control hardware this year. I had an idea of what I was hoping to see released, but nothing close at all.

    As always, there were many small companies with room control solutions. I dont think they will ever be able to compete with the big 2.

    This kinda tells me where control manufacturers are concentrating their efforts.

    For some reason, this years show seemed smaller than last year.

    And now my vacation is ruined!! Thanks alot Alberto!!
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    I like the new ClearOne products. Looks like the XAP series will be phased out just like the AP series was when the XAP came out. They now have a USB port on the front as well as 2 ethernet ports on the back - one straight through - one crossover. There is also new software. I got a demo and it looks pretty good - to bad its not released yet.
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