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IR Module?

Anyone written an IR module that can give a few pointers? I have written my first serial module and it is working just fine. I now want to write a IR module for a satellite receiver and I am not sure where to start.

My beginner questions:

Where do I tell it what IR file to use? Is this passed in from NetLinx or listed somewhere in the java code?

I told the wizard it was an IR module yet it doesn't seem it did anything different? How do I get the correct object reference to use pulse?




  • frthomasfrthomas Posts: 176
    Check your HW manual to know which device/port the IR port you want is. Define a device with it. Load the IR file in studio and map it to the device/port. Voila.

  • TrikinCurtTrikinCurt Posts: 158
    Are you talking about in Duet? I can write it just fine in Netlinx, but still confused on what I do in Duet, I assume I need to use Pulse, just like Netlinx, but unsure of how to start since a NetLinx object only has SendString...

  • SlavikSlavik Posts: 18
    IR deivces in Duet.

    Try to initilize your device as IRDevice (for more information look in help) and not as NetLinx device.
  • TrikinCurtTrikinCurt Posts: 158
    Well don't I feel stupid... I did have it as IRDevice, and I thought Pulse wasn't showing up, but it was, my bad...

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