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Toshiba HD-Xa1 RS232 Codes

does anyone have the codes for the Toshiba HDDVD player?


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    Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Here is a thread at Remote Central that describes the RS-232 codes:


    I'll post the text in case the thread goes AWOL in the future.


    Here are RS232C Serial Commands for Toshiba's new HD DVD Player

    serial communications protocol consists of start codes (4bytes), function code (2bytes), and reversal function code (2 bytes) for Toshiba HD DVD Player

    Start code 0x45 and 0xB5

    Example to send a pause code "00"

    Example to send a Play code "15"

    RS232C protocol:

    3 wire 9600bps /8 data bits /1 stop bit /no parity /no flow control
    9 pin male D connector DB9

    pin 2 is receive
    pin 3 is transmit
    pin 5 is signal ground

    start code: "45 + "B5"

    Table of functions

    00 Pause/step
    01 1
    02 2
    03 3
    04 4
    05 5
    06 6
    07 7
    08 8
    09 9
    0A 0
    0D Slow
    12 Power ON/Standby
    13 Forward
    14 Stop
    15 Play
    16 Display (Navi)
    19 Review
    1B Cancel
    20 Setup
    21 Enter
    22 Return
    23 Skip (back)
    24 Skip (forward)
    25 +10
    26 T. Search
    27 Audio
    28 Subtitle
    29 Angle
    2B Repeat (VCR=Play Mode)
    31 Door
    32 Tab
    33 Cursor
    34 A
    35 B
    36 C
    37 D
    38 Return from Menu (resume)
    41 Dimmer
    4D Right
    4E I/P Selector (resolution)
    51 Left
    80 UP
    81 Down
    82 Upper Right
    83 Lower Right
    84 Menu
    85 Lower Left
    86 Upper Right
    92 Power ON
    93 Power OFF
    9F HDMI
    DE Title (Top Menu)
    EF Clear
    F5 Open/Close

    what is the reversal function code and how do you determine it

    Subtract the function code from 255 and you have the reversal function code.
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    locknarlocknar Posts: 30

    thanks for the speedy response I gave this a quick try with no luck. I tried it as "$45$B5 etc
    but I noticed it says the start command is four bytes, so "45 B5" in ascii translates to 8 bytes in hex, so the question is how do you read this
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    Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    I haven?t got any experience with this unit so I can only venture a guess.

    My first would be to try:
    SEND_STRING dvDVD, ?45B515EA?

    If that doesn?t work then I would try:
    SEND_STRING dvDVD, ?$45,$B5,$15,$EA?

    But since the description says 8 bytes for the command I?m leaning towards the first SEND_STRING. Do either of the above work?
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    Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Here is the correct string to send for PLAY and I can confirm it works:

    SEND_STRING dvDVD,"$45,$B5,$15,$EA"

    The protocol is somewhat misleading since it leads one to believe each command is 8 bytes long (which is obviously wrong and only 4 bytes)

    Note: The discreet Power Off (code $93) does not work. Hopefully Toshiba will fix this in the future. So like the Hotel California, you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.
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