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Spa control?

TrikinCurtTrikinCurt Junior MemberPosts: 158
Anyone done a lot of spa control? I have what is, perhaps, a silly question... Is there any way to control basic spas? What I mean are the "all-in-one" sort of spas like:


The only products I know of (Jandy, Pentair) are not designed for small spas like that where everything is already included... Any pointers? It is easy enough to get the temp into an AMX system from this, but no actual control...



  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    It (offcourse) depends... We dont really do that stuff much here in holland (at least not our company) but ive seen it. One time taking over the remote control with IR, and one time by using relais. Its just how your spa works, but i reckon you can always do IR control...
  • TrikinCurtTrikinCurt Junior Member Posts: 158
    Sure, I was just hoping to get 2-way communication going... Can't everything have an RS232 port :)
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