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AXB-NET to control IP based file server?

Hi there,

I need to poweroff a linux file server from an AXCESS system and though if I could do that by using an AXB-NET for telneting to the IP of the file server, login and type "poweroff" on the console. Any ideas if this can work?

Or should I get an AXB-RS232 and fiddle with the console-over-RS232 to login and type the "poweroff" command?



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    joelwjoelw Posts: 175
    Hi Bob,

    The easiest method would be to use a generic serial port on Axcess system - card, built-in, or AXB-232/+/++.

    Write a script on the server side to interpret incoming serial data. When you see 'poweroff' sent from your Axcess code, call shutdown etc.

    An AXB-NET is an Ethernet to Axlink device. Yes you could use this, but it involves much more effort on the software side.
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