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Control Disc / search amx.com for specific file

Does anyone know if the various releases of the AMX control disc are available on the AMX web site (or an ftp server)? I need a specific irl file but don't have a control disc handy.

Alternatively, does anyone know how you can locate a specific irl file on the AMX site?


Rich Abel


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    Rich AbelRich Abel Posts: 104
    clairify question

    regarding the last question...

    what I mean is to find a specific IRL file by searching by its file name (vs. manufacturer, hand control, etc., which IR Edit makes easy).

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    shr00m-dewshr00m-dew Posts: 394
    Tech Center - Search third-party remotes/devices. You can even search by IRL file name.

    Kevin D.
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    Rich AbelRich Abel Posts: 104
    Search for IRL file - under search remote

    Thanks very much....I didn't see the ability to search for IRL in the Search Remote area.

    Thanks again!!
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    When you get to the search devices page on the web site, you then need to select "search remote controls" (or you can select "search remote controls" from the tech page). Once that page appears, the default is to search for a remote control. Go to the drop-down box on the search line and change the selection from 'remote control' to 'IR file'. The search option box then changes to accept the file name.
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