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Problem with Extron IPL T PCS4i and Panasonic WV-CS950

Hi guys,

Any one can advise me on the control of Extron IPL T PCS4i and Panasonic WV-CS950? I couldn't control both of these devices via IP and RS485 respectively. Please help, thank you!



  • bopperbopper Posts: 5
    IPLTS issues

    I had a bear of a time trying to use a IPLTS.The main problem was the IPLTS was shipped with a RevA manual.There was a rev B posted on the extron wesbsite.The main difference between the two regarding the send data string was rev A stated it needed a Space($20) after the commnad data(chars for the device you wanted to control),which was causing the IPLTS to send the Sp along with the commnad data.Also,inorder to receive a string back from the IPLTS you need to instruct it to look for a natural delim from the device or if it did not have that, look for a certain amount of chars.Either case is hokey,if you ask me.Also the receive string from the IPLTS does not have an ID port header byte to let you know which port of the IPLTS the string came from.You'll never know if the string came from port 1 or 4.(impossible to provide accurate parsing for unsolicited feedback from the end unit)Below is the function I used to build my string for the IPLTS.

    DEFINE_FUNCTION CHAR[100] BuildString(CHAR cCmd[])

    RETURN "ESC,'0',ITOA(nPort),'*100*10*120DRS',CR,cCmd" // look for 'x' as delimiter

    //RETURN "ESC,'0',ITOA(nPort),'*100*100*10LRS',CR,cCmd" // look for 10 bytes
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