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NXA-WAP200G - What is the deal

I am using those NXA WAP200G access points. I have three in a house, one on each floor. Wood frame house...anyway I cannot get connection with panels or pcs outside, (approx 40 feet away from second floor access point), in the master bed (about the same distance) Anywhere on my bottom floor except for the theater where the access point is... there is not a single point on thisa floor more than 30 feet away from the AP. On the third floor, immediately around the access point works, but not 25 feet away. In short, I am severly displeased with the wap's performance. My panels become unresponsive, then queue commands then issue them all at once...this is terrible and intolerable...have you guys experienced this same issue? What do you do to deal with this horrific range problem? Am I totally doing something wrong or not doing something that I dont know exists?(all ap's are on sufficiently spread channels, 1,6,11)


Thanks In Advance



  • RandallRandall Posts: 2
    i am not 100% sure that i understand your situation clearly Rolo but just thinking off the top of my head I am wondering if you have switched all of the AP's over to be in "bridged" mode or are they still in "AP" mode?

    I do not know this from experience but I am pretty sure that in order for the AP's to send along messages they must be bridged together and not just given different channel numbers. Good luck.

  • RandallRandall Posts: 2
    oh, now i see that you have posted this topic twice, doh.
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